Rathlin Island Walking Tours
with Paul Quinn
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May 2009

After days of strong winds and rain, today promises better but is slow to deliver. During the morning the rain lingers and it eventually dries out at lunchtime. So the first group battles with umbrellas and wet clothes. Still, there are puffins to be seen and any amount of seals.


It is a busy day and another group meets me outside the Manor House mid-afternoon. I am still dressed for winter and that lasts until 4pm when layers come off as the skies change to blue. Orchids and bluebells are out but the surest sign that Summer is close is that the 'Chip Ahoy' is open for business. One lucky customer enjoys an al fresco fish supper. We walk around Mill Bay then to the East Light. Later, I enjoy an evening in the bar, emerging at 1am to a calm scene, illuminated by the constant light of a full moon.

© 2008 Paul Quinn. All Rights Reserved. Additional title photography © Andy McInroy