Rathlin Island Walking Tours
with Paul Quinn
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June 2009

Frequent visits this month - with groups and on my own. The weather, so fruitful a topic of conversation, is as varied as ever. From the hottest days of the year to, a week later, blue skies and a cutting wind. Amongst the great birds that I see are peregrine, great skua and wheatear. The bluebells linger on and early purple and heath spotted orchids lighten the fields. An excursion by boat round the north cliffs early in the month gives fine views from angles not usually seen. The chalk cliffs at Cooraghy look particularly lovely


The longest day is not far off and it remains bright until after 10pm. Westwards, the skies are orange, and the rays of the East Light make no impression until each day is almost gone. A grasshopper warbler is trilling close by and the thin grasses in the field shimmer in the breeze. Hares take their ease in the sheltered spots and I feel a bit of a heel when they have to bolt on my approach.


There are lots of folk visiting. Pretty busy, all-in-all even for the grasshopper warbler and snipe making music in the dark.

© 2008 Paul Quinn. All Rights Reserved. Additional title photography © Andy McInroy