Rathlin Island Walking Tours
with Paul Quinn
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February 2009

Today I am setting out to make a social call on some friends. With lengthening days I don't set out until 5pm and as I walk along there is time to admire the shimmer of the setting sun on the sea. I always like to look out for hares and I count them as I go. There are 12 in all including one golden hare. Three buzzard are in a group near the edge of the south cliffs and there are daffodils in the roadside gardens and verges.


After dark a group of us meet up for a drink. The talk is of the pitfalls (literally) if kelp burning, ghostly lights and daring clifftop rescues:none of these in the present century. There is other stuff to mention and a few laughs besides.


As we leave the pub it is raining. Frogs are on the move. The flash of the East Light spins across the darkened land. Although regular and bright, it is surprisingly useless in helping me to see mu way. This time I have a torch to hand and that does the job.The tinkle of rain and the flash of the Light are briefly with me before I fall asleep.

© 2008 Paul Quinn. All Rights Reserved. Additional title photography © Andy McInroy